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Single Origin 30g Bar


Single Origin 30g Chocolate Bars from across the Cocoa Belt. Each with a unique and distinctive flavour that defines the cocoa grown in that region.


Mexico 66% Dark: Smooth in texture, with rich, warm spice and citrusy notes.

Mapale, Colombia 80% Dark: Pronounced bitterness with mild, green notes.

Tumaco, Colombia 65% Dark: Delightfully balanced with a bittersweet, fruity flavour.

San Martin, Peru 72% Dark: Rich, creamy, slightly acidic, fruity banana notes.

Brazil 66% Dark: Deep, smokey, tobacco notes. Fresh hints of tropical fruit.

Sao Tomé 70% Dark: Rich, slight bitterness and coffee acidity.

Madagscar 100% Dark: Intense, earthy, deep cocoa flavour with slight red berry acidic notes.

Java 32% Milk: Sweet, creamy, buttery, caramel notes.


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Please note all of our products have been prepared in an environment where the following allergens are present: PEANUTS, NUTS, DAIRY, GLUTEN, EGGS, SOYA & SESAME

Storage Advice:
Store somewhere cool, away from direct light and strong odours. DO NOT refrigerate.

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Single Origin Flavours

Mexico 66% Dark Chocolate , Mapale 80% Dark Chocolate , Tumaco 65% Dark Chocolate , San Martin 72% Dark Chocolate , Brazil 66% Dark Chocolate , Sao Tomé 70% Dark Chocolate , Madagascar 100% Dark Chocolate , Java 32% Milk Chocolate


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