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Testimonials from our Collaborators

Here are some of the local businesses we’ve collaborated with and what they said to say about us.
If you’re interested in creating something together and would like to find out more, please get in touch… | 0116 2623278 | 34 Silver Street, Leicester, LE1 5ET



Creating handmade doughnuts since 2015 with stores across the East Midlands in Nottingham, Leicester and Lincoln.

“We’ve worked with Cocoa Amore on a number of collaborations over the years, we really enjoy working with the Cocoa Amore team because of their professionalism and exceptional high standards to the quality of their products. We look forward to working on more projects in the future and seeing a local independent grow from strength to strength.”

Daniel Byrne – Marketing Manager



Cherizena is a small specialist producer of premium, speciality and flavoured coffees.

“Having met Cocoa Amore as our neighbours at the Engine Yard Belvoir, we have been firm favourites of their range for a while. When we collaborated to create the dark chocolate and milk chocolate with our coffee, customers were really impressed, the quality and taste are second to none. More recently we have stocked their Noir Range at our Ashby Shop, again very well received by our customers  although I have to secretly admit not all of it makes it to the shelves! Delicious fondants and bars with a range to meet the tastes and needs of even the most discerning customer.”

Tanith Wesson – Business Owner


Cherizena Coffee
The Needle & Pin

The Needle & Pin

The Needle & Pin micropub based in Loughborough supplying the finest craft beer, wine and spirits.

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Pete and Becks at Cocoa Amore on a number of occasions. In September 2020 we brewed a range of Imperial Stouts with themselves, St. Martins Coffee Roasters and Framework Brewery. Cocoa Amore supplied the Cocoa Nibs, helped brew on the day, and were heavily involved in the naming of the beers and overall recipe development.

In October 2020 they also supplied chocolates for our Dark Beer Festival, skilfully matching the flavours.

The projects were a big commercial success for The Needle & Pin, and we can’t thank Cocoa Amore enough for their attention to detail, willingness to work together and professionalism, as well as the exceptional quality of the chocolates. We can’t wait to partner with them on future projects.”

Sean O’Neill – Business Owner
The Needle & Pin Facebook page

Feast And The Furious

Melton Mowbray’s smoked food specialists of cheese, nuts, garlic, meat, salt and more!

“We have really enjoyed working with the team at Cocoa Amore to create some really delicious products that our customers really love! From initial idea to tastings and then onto design, the process was easy and looked after by the team at Cocoa Amore. We are looking forward to working with them on more product ideas that we have currently and in the future.”

Jon Oakes – Business Owner

Feast And The Furious
The Gadabout

The Gadabout

Cocktail and wine bar nestled in Leicester’s heritage quarter.

“What to say about these guys? Well from us only great things. We love using them not only because of the chocolate, but the team. They have always been so wonderful with advice and always up for ideas and ways to collaborate. We currently use them in one of our drinks that we cocoa butter wash our Rum with. We’ve showcased Cocoa Amore’s talented skills by pairing some little treats with our cocktails as a garnish. Anytime we need some treats or flavour matching combinations, they’re always a go-to. Outside of the bar, we love everything from the chocolate Cocoa Pods, Shoes, Truffles and Hot Chocolate to the quirky ideas they come up with. Local independent business at its best. Amazing product – Excellent service and imaginative ideas .”

Nicholas Ameer-Beg – Business Owner

Currant Affairs

Proudly Leicester’s first fully vegan shop and home to everyone vegan, veggie or just curious.

“Cocoa Amore is one of the lovely local indie businesses that share Leicester Old Town Lanes with us. We are big fans of who they are and what they are doing which is why we decided to start selling their vegan “Not A Creme Egg” Chocolate Bars during lockdown.

All their products are handmade with the best quality, ethically sourced ingredients and their service is next level. We look forward to the possibility of more connections together in the future.”

Ruth Copeland – Business Owner

Currant Affairs