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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability, Values and Commitments


To offer an unrivalled chocolate experience anywhere in the UK.


• Deliver an unparalleled customer experience unique to the high street
• Bringing theatre back to the high street
• Providing Artisan Chocolate at accessible prices
• Making shopping fun for the whole family
• Develop a brand that is synonymous with quality and value
• Create a happy and inclusive culture
• Create a viable ethical business


At Cocoa Amore we decided to build our business around what’s right for us and for you. It’s simple and it makes sense, we don’t assemble a team every time CSR is mentioned, we don’t have a board meeting to dream up some elaborate new scheme that will look good in the press. We just do the right thing and that is providing you an exceptional experience!!
Yes it’s that easy, Come and enjoy yourself at Cocoa Amore and you could be helping people all over the world.

Local Impact

By visiting us you are supporting the local economy. Your journey here has most likely put money into the local transport network, which provides hundreds of local people with employment.
You probably had a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. Hopefully at one of the fine independent Café’s or Deli’s near by thus supporting them and their local suppliers When you visit us you support a local independent that employs local people.

Mentoring Programme

We strongly believe in assisting young people with their career plans. In fact there is a good chance you will interact with them on your visit
We usually have several young people involved in our mentoring programmes where they learn people skills, work ethic and chocolate making
This year we hosted the enterprise day at William Bradford Academy where 200 young people designed their own brand and range of chocolates. From there we took several interested students on work experience.
We have also worked with Juniper Training on providing opportunities for their learners to gain work experience


World Impact

As we are a chocolate shop and sadly Cocoa doesn’t grow in Leicester, we have to look a little further a field.
Follow the links below to see how by enjoying their chocolate you are helping to enrich the lives of people all over The Cocoa Belt:



Luker Is a family owned Cocoa grower and Chocolate maker in Colombia. We proudly use their chocolate for our house couvertures.


Callebaut. They supply us with our drinking chocolate as well as fillings and inclusions, they source their cocoa sustainably from all over the world.


Chocolat Madagascar. They have a range of chocolate to die for, they may be the most ethical chocolate in the world!

Environmental Commitments

All our cardboard is recycled and we only use recycled paper bags. We use electronic timers throughout the store where appropriate
It’s never been so easy or enjoyable to experience chocolate whilst making a difference to the people of the world.