Yasmine – Chocolatier.

Yasmine grew up in Italy spending her days in the kitchen of her dad’s restaurant, she was destined for the kitchen one way or another. She also spent the rest of her time with her Nonna making sweets for the rest of the week. She moved to the UK when she was 14 and finished her schooling here. Yas then went on to complete a degree in creative expressive therapies, where you use the arts to promote personal growth and development. She then went on to work in pharmaceuticals, but on realising that this wasn’t the path that she needed to follow she took herself to Rome to study Patisserie and chocolate making. On her return and a couple of jobs later her CV landed on head chocolatier Dan’s desk and the rest is history.

Favourite chocolate – Gianduiotti (Basically hazelnut praline). She is Italian after all.

Favourite product we sell product – Madagascar 100%, very fruity and mild.

Favourite cocoa amore product – Pistachio dome

Favourite product to make – Build a bar, as they’re different every time. Also love baking so brownies are fun. But she loves anything with chocolate as its half creative and half science, two of her favourite things.


Chocolatier Yasmine