Hot chocolate……..

Have you visited Cocoa Amore before? If so have you tried one of our amazing hot chocolates?

Available in 13 different chocolates from all around the globe, there’s something for everyone. Inspired by Austrian chocolate maker Zotter, we serve our hot chocolates on a tray with the milk served separately to the chocolate so that you can construct your own drink. If that wasn’t enough, all of our drinks are served with one of our handmade chocolates of your choice and they start from just £2.50.

Hot chocolates to choose from are;

House Dark, Milk, White and Caramel,

Single origin – Mexican & weekly special chosen by Head Chocolatier Daniel Murphy.

Soy milk chocolate (VEGAN)

Zotter drinking chocolate – Ginger and coconut (VEGAN), Indian Masala, Banana and Cinnamon

65% Belgian sipping chocolate – Extra thick hot chocolate served with a dipping biscuit.

Cocoa espresso – a shot of bitter 100% cocoa (VEGAN)

Alternative milks available too….Oat, coconut and almond.

So why not pop in and try them for yourself. 🙂