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About Us

Sharing our passion for chocolate since 2013

Since we opened the doors to Cocoa Amore in 2013, we’ve built a strong reputation as producing some of the finest handmade chocolates in the Midlands.

Inspired by imagination, we combine our desire for purism with our passion for flavour and the art of the chocolatier to create a taste exploration to satisfy your senses.

Using the finest ingredients from our single origin harvest, we’re dedicated to sharing the benefits of the cocoa bean and an innate love of chocolate.

Alongside our exquisite range of handmade chocolates in the counter, we offer a range of hot chocolate flavours (available to drink in or take-away) and other beautifully crafted pieces from Cocoa Pods to Stilettos to bars of chocolate.

However you choose to indulge in chocolate, there’s something for you at Cocoa Amore:

Chocolate Making Workshops
Hot Chocolate
Handmade Chocolate
Wedding Favours
Corporate Orders